Written by Carol Christen
Thursday, 08 April 2010 18:04

Tim Forderer at Cocos Keeling Island SchoolTim Forderer at Cocos Keeling Island School  One of the treats of being an author is to learn the near and far-flung places in which ones book is found.  I met Timothy Forderer through a series of emails.  He is now living his dream as a yacht captain sailing the seas of the southern hemisphere.  Previously, he was one unhappily employed soul.  At his webstite, Do What You Love Mentors (http://dwylmentors.blogspot.com/) you can learn more of his story.

When not working, Captian Forderer doesn't just bask on South Sea island beaches. In a new port-of call, he takes his message about the need to really love what you do for work to local teens.  As he wrote, "The idea that work can be enjoyable, remunerative and give a sense of purpose is completely unheard of."

 Komodo Island SchoolKomodo Island School

Well, not after one of his talks!

While I'm thrilled, I must say I never expected What Color is Your Parachute for Teens to turn up on Komodo Island (yes, that Komodo Island, the one with the giant lizards).


The captain in Ambon, IndonesiaThe captain in Ambon, Indonesia
Kudos to Captain Forderer for taking on this mission of hope and may the wind always be
at his back.



If you know of a school or career program using What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens, any where in the world, please send details and we'll feature the progam in future Around the World posts.